Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How Do We Develop Spiritual Leaders?

One of my great frustrations has been the lack of understanding of Spiritual Leadership on the part of many congregational leaders and the lack of training for leaders to help them grow as spiritual leaders. Here is a great study series that takes this challenge seriously- it is a long and intentional process but well worth it - at the end of this intro are the links to this free down loadable resource.

The Leading Edge: A Study Series to Develop Spiritual Leaders

Spiritual Leadership is developed through relationships and applying the truth in our lives. We seek to develop leaders using "Focus Groups," which is a gathering of 4-5 emerging leaders and a mentor, using mutual accountability and a series of studies. "The Leading Edge" study series is the basis for developing leaders in the context of ministry to the business world.

The leader and the members of the focus group must discern the needs of the group as well as the individual and select a course of study that will be effective. This material is designed to help each grow as a leader.

The Leading Edge begins by focusing on your assessment of yourself, then our relationship with God. Next it examines personal issues of character, looking at how to build a team, and next we examine various aspects of our calling. Finally we look at the competency of casting vision. Flexibility is offered to let this material serve the members versus being a overwhelming study.

You can download the full study here.

You can download the inventories here.
Spiritual Leadership Inventory - word document
Spiritual Leadership Inventory - PDF

You can download the study chapter by chapter here.

Unit 1 Spiritual Leadership

1. Spiritual Leadership Inventory
2. Foundations for Developing Leaders
3. Spiritual Leadership - Christ at the Heart of a Leader

Unit 2 Servant Leadership

4. Servant Leadership - Being a Leader with Character
5. Servant Leadership - Building a Ministry Team

Unit 3 Visionary Leadership

6. Visionary Leadership - Calling
7. Visionary Leadership - Competence

Unit 4 Leaders Guide

8. Application - Focus Groups
9. Appendix - The Call of God

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